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Fly It Express


Distribution of cargo on a large scale has some elements of risk. These include damage, theft, hi-jacking and vehicle accidents, just to mention a few. Although we take extreme to ensure that your cargo is delivered intact and on time, the reality is that we cannot ignore risk factors.

Fly It Express does not automatically insure your goods and the maximum liability without insurance is R50.00 per waybill consignment.

To provide a superior cost effective service it is not possible to include all risk insurance as part of the transport package.

Please insure that all your consignments are adequately insured before dispatching.

Fly It Express Premium

The following risks are specifically excluded:

Please note: It is a specific condition of contract that where cover has been provided and your account payment is not up to date as per the agreed terms the claim will not be entertained.

Under no circumstances may any deductions be made from our account due to an outstanding claim until we have finalised our investigation.

Procedure for submitting a claim:

The following needs to accompany a claim.

In the case of damages/losses, a claim needs to be submitted within 30 days.

In the case of non-delivery a claim needs to be submitted within 60 days.