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Email :        


Head Office Contact People
Tel: 0861 105 780
Fax: 086 679 2045

Physical Address                          Postal Address
105 Proctor Road                         P.O Box 9768
Spartan                                         Edenglen
Johannesburg                               1613             
South Africa

24 hours number                            072 376 8899

Customer Services:  Tracy, Michelle, 

Operations:               Grant, Owen, Peter

Accounts:                  Jimmy, 

Sales:                        Brenda,                                          Joanna, Candace

Client Liaison:          Amanda


Bloemfontein Cape Town
Tel : (051) 433-4112
Fax : (051) 433-3044
Tel :  0828762380   (Dean)
Fax : (021) 9870836  


Durban East London
Tel : (031) 569-5197
Fax : (031) 569-5201
Tel : (043) 7264171
Fax : (043) 7264171


Kimberly Nelspruit
Tel : (053) 851-1147                                            Fax : (053) 851-1148 Tel : 0728737224   (David)


Pietersburg (Polokwane) Port Elizabeth
Tel : (015) 293-2550   (Beverly)
Fax : (015) 293-2552
Tel : (041) 487-1485     (Lucinda)
Fax : (041) 487-0725
For any further queries or would like to be contacted by us, send your details below

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