Fly It Express offers various services, packaging and product options to improve the efficiency of our clients' operations.


Our smallest delivery unit, the flyer is supplied to all clients.

  • Weight limit of 2kg.Can contain a document or package.
  • Larger boxes can be supplied given prior notice.
  • Pre-printed waybills are supplied and parcels stickers.
  • Bubble wrap is used for breakable material

Click here for sample of Waybill.

A Consolidated international mail product, your item will be mailed using the postal services in the country of destination. (Remail)

  • Proof of postage provided

We can handle all your mailroom requirements.

  • Clear mail from any Post Office or  any Postnet.
  • Send to any P.O Box or Counter nationwide with a delivery time of 24-48 Hours.
  • Messenger and fleet management.

Our door-to-door courier service will ensure your parcel arrives timelessly and at its destination.

  • Secure packaging prevents any breakages
  • All International and Domestic Tracking done from our offices. (Internet Tracking under construction)
  • Heavy consignments for International Road, Airfreight and Imports must be quoted on.
  • Fly It Express can also deliver prioritised documents to most destinations internationally.                                                                If you have an urgent deliver to be done the following day, you could give us a call to get a quote.(This is costly but anything is possible). 









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